Biodiversity for L'Oréal

Biodiversity Conservation and Reinforcement around L’Oréal Warsaw Plant

In 2019, we conducted an inventory around the L’Oréal Warsaw Plant factory located near Warsaw.
It was the beginning of a cooperation that continues until today.

The inventory was carried out from April to October 2019.
As a result, the following numbers of species were identified:
• 264 plant species
• 24 species of butterflies and 217 species of moths
• 115 species of beetles
• 42 species of hymenopterans
• 27 species of true bugs
• 6 species of dragonflies
• 6 species of orthopterans
• 21 species of underwater invertebrates
• 2 species of amphibians and 2 species of reptiles
• 12 species of mammals
• 91 species of birds

The obtained results indicate a high value of the inventoried area with the potential to increase its biodiversity after recommended measures are taken. Since 2020 we have been implementing proposed actions around the L’Oréal Warsaw Plant factory.

1. Pollinator hotels for bees and other insects were installed

2. Educational boards about the benefits of pollinator hotels for wild bees were prepared and installed

3. Restoration of the small pond environment on the L’Oréal Warsaw Plant Factory grounds

4. Fighting invasive plants: false acacia, goldenrod, knotweed

5. Creating Polish hay meadows in spots previously dominated by invasive plants

6. Biodiversity Day 2021:

  • The Board of the ClearWing Foundation presented results of activities conducted for the protection and enhancement of biodiversity to the employees of L’Oréal Warsaw Plant
  • Distribution of packets with seeds “Polish hay meadows” for factory workers

7. Establishing a shelter for hedgehogs and reptiles

8. Creating information boards at the entrance to the L’Oréal Warsaw Plant factory