I Had a Dream

I Had a Dream – film by Paolo Volponi

Full movie below (15 minutes)

One day I had a dream…
I was a bird in the jungle
A fabulous, white bird
A White-crowned hornbill
…or perhaps I was a butterfly?

I was both a bird and a butterfly
A discrete observer of the jungle
The whole animal kingdom was in my dream
It was a tale of the rainforest
In the eyes of those who have wings.


An Asian elephant needs up to 50 km2 of rainforest to live. That’s more than 700 football fields. Natural banks of clean rivers surrounded by rainforests are crucial for the survival of many species of butterflies and moths, among others. All the jungle animals are threatened by habitat destruction through logging and conversion to crop fields and oil palm plantations. ClearWing Foundation for Biodiversity in cooperation with Plantzania supports conservation and research projects and spread awareness about the need to protect the rainforest.

Filmed, directed, and edited by Paolo Volponi
2018 ClearWing Foundation for Biodiversity