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    A new species of clearwing moth, Pyrophleps ellawi, named in honour of ClearWing Foundation Co-founder, EL Law

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    Title of the publication: A new species of wasp-mimicking clearwing moth from Peninsular Malaysia with DNA barcode and behavioural notes (Lepidoptera, Sesiidae).

    Abstract. A new species of clearwing moth, Pyrophleps ellawi Skowron Volponi, sp. n., is described from Peninsular Malaysia. Information on the habitat, time and conditions of occurrence, flight and mud-puddling behaviour, functional morphology, and DNA barcode are also provided. Photographs and a supplementary video from the wild demonstrate the postures and behaviour of this species of Pyrophleps, whose remaining
    members were described only on the basis of pinned specimens. This is the first record of this genus in Peninsular Malaysia.

    Full article available at: