Insect Talk in Collaboration with Plantzania

Insect Talk in Collaboration with Plantzania
luty 28, 2017 admin

ClearWing Foundation has established a cooperation with Plantzania, an initiative aiming at spreading awareness and rising fascination of the natural world, especially among children, high school students and families.

In March 2017, within Plantzania’s series of scientific talks, ClearWing Foundation Vice-chairman Marta Skowron Volponi gave a lecture about mimicry in insects “Jungle Pretenders – Are Insects the Masters of Mimicry?” at the Fruit Valley Selangor for both the public and academic community.

For Plantzania’s first project for students from elementary school to high school level, the “Plantzania School Attack Club” ClearWing Foundation Chairman Paolo Volponi has prepared a promotion video showing the wonders of the Malaysian rainforest and its inhabitants.

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